Premier healthcare solution provider

Individualized Mobile-Medical Consultant

As standard of living continues to improve,
we found the following to be the main deficits of
modern healthcare in many parts of the world

Demand for the highest standard and quality of healthcare

Demand for luxurious hospitals and healthcare services

Demand for multiple expert opinions of the same ailment

Demand for the current best diagnostic and treatment modalities

Demand for accessibility to long term accommodation for rehabilitation

Demand for secure medical records in standard format

Demand for more comprehensive medical insurance coverage

International Medical Consultancy Pte Ltd (IMC) aims to become

the premier healthcare solution provider for our clients and investors.


IMC is your Individualized Mobile-Medical Consultant

Panel doctors

IMC is your Innovative Mobile Clinic


IMC offers you an investment opportunity in an International Medical Consortium

Currently based in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, we aspire to offer our services to more people from all over the world. Contact Us.

Mr Lai Feng Gin

(Chief Executive Officer/Executive Board Member)

Dr Lew Hong Chau

(Chief Operation Officer/Chief Medical Officer/Executive Board Member)

Dr Chin How Hsung

(Chief Dental Officer/Executive Board Member)

We aspire to offer our services to more people from all over the world.